Customized Classes  

Working one on one or with a small group, personal classes provides a unique way to connect and enjoy time together while enjoying the benefits of yoga. 

Let us customize a class for your event with a practice that suits your group for a truly memorable milestone.

Experience the healing power of one on one in the comfort of your own home or space of your choice.  Such a special class with hands on assisting where you will twist, rinse and create space within yourself. You will feel totally complete at the end of each session. 

This is a specialized class addressing the physical and emotional needs left by cancer and its treatments.  This is the best first step to your journey of healing. This class is serviced one on one and small groups in the space of your choice and also in hospitals. (Taught by a Y4C Certified Teacher)

Add something so unique to your loved ones special day!  A 45-60 min class with music to add to the festivities as an intro to meditation, fun and flow!  

In need of a special night? This is a beautiful way to bring your friends together and do something fun and healthy at the same time.  You will experience joy, connection and flow.

Let's go OUTSIDE!  Enjoy not only connecting with yourself with this class but also with NATURE.   Get a group together at your local park and set up a yoga class and snacks to follow.

Connect with your girls on your mat and add this amazing yoga class to your party!  We invite you to consider this even the morning before you take your vows!  You will be guided through a mindful mediation and gentle flow to get you present, awake and open for every moment of one of the most special days of your life. 

Can't commit to 60minutes?

We offer 15-30 minute rotating sessions where you will land in 5-10 poses on your mat, with massage. The power of touch is incredible while linking breath, the yoga pose and our assistance. In 15-30 minutes go back to your desk; refreshed and at ease.

Amp up your game up!
Enhance your physical and mental balance by developing awareness of your body's center place. Keeping you balanced in action, moment by moment, giving the ability to recover from or prevent falls, while enhancing agility and maneuverability.

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