• Ashley Burton

Creating Meditative MOMENTS

Are you present? Or are you thinking? There is no in between. I invite you for a moment to really BE with what is right there. Not what your thinking or anticipating ... but really BE WITH your gut, your intuition, your inner truth. Listen to your body. Your intuition is never wrong. Now take a deep breath and know that all you have is RIGHT NOW. Let’s start there. We live in a world that is so go go go that we miss the magic of our lives. I get it that sometimes we have every intention to WANT to mediate or attend that mindful class and well ... a lot of times it just doesn’t happen. Here I will give you some tips and specific exercises to do that if your not mediating ...well you can create MEDITATIVE MOMENTS as you move through your day.

#1. 4-7-8 Breath

Inhale for 4 Hold for 7 Exhale for 8

This breathing technique will help calm your nervous system. You can do it anywhere on the go train at a stoplight or at your desk at work.

#2. Have lunch with someone brand new today

Did you know interacting with new people keeps us present and engaged ? More times then not we learn something new and spark joy by doing it. This allows us to stay out of our head and in the present moment.

#3. 1 Day Electronic Detox

Try this on ... for 24hrs stay off your phone, computer, iPad, TV. What can you do with you day? What do you see ? What do you notice ? What have you discovered?

Let us know how this worked for you! We love hearing from you 🙏

Ashley Burton

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