Meet The Team


Fun Fact: I wrote and starred in my own one woman comedy show about my Italian family - Nonna’s Party!

What yoga has done for ME;

It’s allowed me to have no attachments to people, things or jobs.  Yoga has shown me what it feels like just to be human.

How to truly love myself which has given me access to give love to others in a new way.

My intention in my classes is to bring you knowledge, and inspiration of this practice and  a new experience every time you hit your mat.  I will create a space for you to let go of all the physical and mental things that do not serve you and land in your power as a person.



Fun fact: To follow

What yoga has done for me:




My intention: To follow 

Fun Fact: I have my black belt in Taekwondo

What yoga has done for me: The practice of yoga is what has connected me back to my truest self. It is my tool for self care, self love, physical and mental health.

My intention when I teach: My intention when I teach is to leave students feeling connected to their intuition, their truest sense of self, and self compassion for themselves and their life. 


Fun Fact:  It can take weeks for me to get through one movie! 


 What yoga has done for ME;

After facing a traumatic event in my first week away at university I found yoga.  I kept going to classes and feeling a little better each time, and this snowballed into the LOVE and dedication I have for my practice today. 

Yoga is my source of hope, a vessel for growth, and where I feel most accepted for who I am and who I am not.


My intention is to get people MOVING!


Fun Fact:  I am a mother of 3 boys.  Two teens and one tween!  A full time hockey Mom and a part time yoga teacher. 


 What yoga has done for ME; 


Yoga is what I do to reconnect to myself.  

 It grounds me , clears my head and as a result I am far more productive and less reactive.  My mat is where I am

My best most powerful self. I take what I cultivate there into my life.  


My intention is to bring energy , fun and space into your day and bodies!  To allow you to step away from your life, onto your mat , into a clearer head space and more flexible body.  To give back to you and have fun doing it.  


Fun Fact: I can't live without avocados and Frank's Hot Sauce.


What yoga has done for ME;

Yoga has transformed my life in so many ways. As a result of my daily practice,  I have learned to love my body as it is and appreciate it for all it does for me. 


My intention in any YPY class is to be of service to the students. I do this by infusing my teaching with compassion, joy and a commitment to help each student discover their own greatness both on and off their mat!


Fun Fact: I am a triplet and a cancer survivor.


What yoga has done for ME;

I've lost myself several times in life and
self-care through yoga has helped me find my inner self again, time and time again. Yoga helped through my recovery with cancer, by building up my strength physically and mentally. I am a certified Yoga4Cancer Teacher, giving back to the cancer

My intention is to help you evolve, ground, and ignite your inner fire! Giving you tools to use in your day to day life, on and off your mat.



Fun fact: 

I’ve worked in 5 different countries!


What yoga has done for me: 

Yoga has opened my eyes to the power of positivity. 


My intention:

My intention is to create the context for you to discover your own greatness. 


Fun Fact:  I love my family, my freedom, and the balance I’ve found between the two.


What yoga has done for ME;

Yoga allows me to create space in my body and life to be present, powerful, and authentic.

My intention is to cultivate empowerment, connection, and possibility.



Fun Facts   : I am a natural artist who loves to paint and I also love to dance the night away !!! I am usually the last to leave a party.   I have two brothers who are 18 months younger than me and they are identical twins - I also still love to skate as I was a figure skater.

What Yoga Has Done For Me :

Yoga has provided a space for me to land where I’m in the work of being empowered on my mat and in my life to be who I’m really meant  to be. It’s provided an opportunity for physicality and mindfulness. It has assisted me through challenging breakdowns in my life and has always lead me through to the breakthrough !! Ridding the clutter of life and mind, Yoga has created and opened the space for my fullest vitality. In challenging times and in good times, I know Yoga, my mat and my breath is always there waiting for me.

My intention in my classes is :

To empower you to “exceed your exceeding self” . To create connection and to allow space for the possibility for you to come to your edge, to be in playfulness, fun, and exploration while dropping all the stories, judgments, criticisms, complaints and limiting beliefs to create the wide open space for something brand new !!!